St. Roch Ringer - Pray for Us

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In New Orleans there is a shrine dedicated to St. Roch, the patron saint of the falsely accused, dogs, and good health, a saint who became healed miraculously after contracting the Black Plague in the 1300's. The shrine was built for St. Roch's intercession in 1875 to recover the health of the community, which was brutally devastated by a lengthy epidemic of Yellow Fever. As legend has it--the community of reverence around the shrine remained untouched by illness.

100% Cotton T-shirt artwork by Pauly Lingerfelt depicting angels flanking St. Roch with a banner "Eris Inpeste Patronus" meaning "you will be our protector from pestilence." The back artwork features the engraved bricks that line the cemetery walls at the shrine.

We stand in solidarity with the falsely accused and pledge to donate $7 of every St. Roch shirt sale to The Innocence Project, which works to "exonerate the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reform the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice."